What is The CUNY Crypto Club?

The CUNY Crypto Club at Baruch College is a student-run organization that aims to serve as a central resource for education and emerging trends about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, and Cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to establish a space for cryptocurrency education and development at CUNY colleges. We aim to provide the tools to become fluent in blockchain technology leading to internships and job opportunities.


Our Team

Who we are and what makes us amazing.

Aaron Kohn

Club President

Fan Yang

Vice President

Shobhit Ratan

Head of Technology

Sauly Esses

Co-Chair of Outreach

Ken Loui


Eva Wang


Robert Deffeldough

Co-Chair of Outreach

Noah Yamamoto

Web Developer / Tech
Designed this site and more.

Zeyaam Shahid

Graphic Design Chair